A friend of the family, a learned man, member of the clergy and currently comforter of the sick and dying, told my wife to continue sending my “musing”. He explained that he enjoyed these musing, most of which you can find on this blog. He explained that he may not agree with them, but it was  nice to read what others were thinking. And so it is to my learned friend, seeker of truths promoter of God that I share the following musing.

Another friend of ours, neither Jewish nor Syrian, has spent the last 15 years, fighting for justice, fighting for his family, his friends and ultimately for peace.

He does not conduct his fight with a gun, a bomb, warships  or cowardly through the skies rather he does it with words. He does it through showing those who are open to seeing, the Israeli Occupation of his land, of his neighbour’s land and the general brutality of a regime drunk wit power.